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We crossed the expanse of the Pacific in 1994 and after 3 and half years refilling our cruising kitty, returned in 1998

1994 Crossing

I can't believe we sailed the whole way!!

A day from the Galapagos a puff of smoke signaled the demise of our engine.  3000 miles and 30 days later the peaks of Ua Pou appeared at dawn. Read about this charred starter!

Landfalls of Paradise (To borrow a phrase from Earl Hinz)

The small islands that dot the vast expanses of this biggest ocean on Earth are close to Paradise if not heaven on earth. We were lucky enough to visit:

French Polynesia     Easter Island  Samoa Tonga          plus a few Pictures

On our approach to New Zealand the wind picked up to 50 knots to the south of us, and we ducked into Minerva Reef, an isolated atoll with no dry ground - this provided grist for our Horror Story mill.  Or read all of the gory details in our 1994 Newsletter.

1998 Return

This time we followed the track of the Kiwi cruisers as they head for their 'tropical islands', Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia.  We see why they do, year after year - the Melanesian culture is different than Polynesia, but even friendlier.  We stopped at:

Fiji    Vanuatu  New Caledonia 

The whole trip is detailed in our 1998 Newsletter.



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