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A View of the Cruising Life


Reading - big passagemaking activity


Every cruiser has their own opinion of the best way to prepare themselves or their yacht for the lifestyle that we have come to enjoy so much.  We are no different so we have collected our many factoids into the next few pages.

A cup of tea or coffee will help as you thumb through subjects such as:

  • Boat Changes - changes made as a result of experience and stealing ideas from others.
  • Equipment Summary - if you want to cut to the quick, this gives the bottom line on all of our equipment
  • The Ideal Cruiser - there is no such thing, but we'll give our opinion anyway.
  • Preparations - what we did to prepare the boat and ourselves before we left the US. 
  • Costs - where we have spent our money.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - what view of this website have asked us.
  • Health - we think its a healthy lifestyle; here's how we keep it that way.
  • Lessons Learned - about boating, boats, and ourselves since we started cruising in 1992.
  • Relationships - how to get along in close quarters
  • Passagemaking - what we do to get ready for major offshore passages.
  • Redundancy - how to minimize the effect of the inevitable failures along the way
  • Storage - Find out how we stuffed 2.5 tons of stuff onto a 38 ft. boat!
  • Galley Tips - ideas on layout and techniques for the offshore gourmet



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