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Check out the happenings for 2004 - pick a month or place on the map
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January - Storms in Anatalya and Judi heads for the USA.
February - Bob visits London while Judi nurses brother-in-law in Oregon.
March - Back on board with goodies brought by Judi.
April - Final marina parties; we drive north thru central Turkey
May - Istanbul to Finland via Bulgaria, Romania, Austria and Germany.
June - From the Arctic Circle to England to pick up Bekah for her Overseas Experience.
July - Cruising the south Turkish coast with Bekah.
August - Thru the Greek islands to romantic Venice - our favorite European city.
September - Champagne country and Paris - a small taste of France.
October - Sunny Spain with stops in Granada, and the Sierra Nevada.
November - Starting in Seville, we explore southern Spain and return to Turkey to share Thanksgiving aboard Voyager.
December - Settling into Turkey for the winter and a visit to the Whirling Dervishes of Konya.



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