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In 2004 we traveled from the home of St. Nicholas (southern Turkey) to Santa's official post office on the Arctic Circle in Finland and many places in between.  Click on the months to select the corresponding journal entry for these photos.

Turkey  -

There was rain, snow, sleet and hail, not to mention storms and gales.  But whenever the weather improved, we had lots of fun.


Bulgaria -

We made only one stop in Bulgaria at the lovely medieval town of Veliko Tarnova.  The town and people were charming.  

Romania -

We sped thru the country too fast, but kept vigilant for vampires and Dracula in Transylvania.  What we found were beautiful castles, ostentatious government buildings and lovely countryside.


Budapest, Hungary

We visited this lovely city, astride the beautiful Danube River and were charmed by it's old world architecture and hospitality


Vienna, Austria Vienna was one of the most beautiful and opulent cities in Europe.

May - June


The visit to this country was one of the most memorable of our spring trip across Europe because we were able to visit with our cruising Finnish friends in their home in Helsinki.

Sweden - .



Norway -

Sweden is very cold and bleak north of the Arctic Circle even in June.  We sped thru in 2 days since we did not have much time


Breath-taking and dramatic scenery made this one of the top 3 most beautiful places in the world for us.  We saw so many  sights, it's had to believe that we spent only 10 days traveling down the west coast.

Bekah's European Adventure - Our 13 year old niece came for a visit and we tried to show her a bit of the Old World in her 2 month stay.

We traveled through the vineyards of Champagne country, stopping to sip some of the more famous bubbly vintages and see the sights along the way.

 Paris!!!   What else is there to say?



Spain seduced us by it's history, culture, wine and food


Turkey (Autumn)

  Marmaris is a crowded tourist town in summer, but is much more peaceful and friendly in the off season.




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