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Singapore - a so-called city/state is really a compact country.  It sits at the east end of the Malacca Straits and all cruisers who have braved Indonesian waters pass it on the way to Thailand and points west.


Although Singapore is a humming hub of shipping activity with wonderful cultural experiences, for the cruiser it has its downsides.  The options are:

...take a look at the map and the locations of these destinations:

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Singapore General Information

Country Code:  65
Time Zone:    +8 hours from UTC
Currency:      Singapore Dollar

Navigational Warnings:  VHF 9


Check In Procedures - The following procedures apply in order to check into Singapore.

  1. At your earliest opportunity (within 8 hours if possible, 24 at the latest), take passports, zarpe (clearance papers from previous port) and ship's papers and proceed first to the Immigration Department, Seaman's Section.
  2. Next go to the Port Clearance for Port and Customs clearance
Immigration - Immigration Department Seaman's Section, 1 Maritime Square 03-01B World Trade Center Telock Blangah Rd. Singapore, 099253, Phone 273 0525.
Upon arriving at Immigration, obtain a queue number, take a seat and wait for your number to be displayed on the monitor. Proceed to designated counter and fill out appropriate forms whereupon your passports will be stamped. The officer will return part of one of the forms (a small white card) with each passport. This card must be retained in order to exit the country.
Customs Clearance- part of Port Clearance

Port Clearance - Port Clearance Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore, Harbour & Pleasure Craft, One-Stop Document Centre, 7A Keppel Rd. #01-26, Tanjong Pagar Complex, Singapore 089054    Phone:  325-2371.
Upon entry, obtain queue number and wait until number is displayed on monitor. Proceed to designated counter and fill out appropriate forms.

How to get there:   Take bus 10, 30 or 100 from the World Trade Centre and get off at the stop after the Railway Bus Stop.  From here it's a walking distance to your left across the road.  Or take a taxi from the World Trade Centre.  The fare should be about $4.00-$5.00.

Check Out Procedures - The following procedures apply in order to check out of Singapore.

  1. Go to Port Clearance (see address above)  There is a port clearance fee of S$2.00/day or S$30.00/yr. for all boats.

  2. Immigration is next where your passport will be stamped with an exit stamp.  (All crew members must be present at immigration.)

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