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Check out the happenings for 2002.


January - A visit to Judi's sister in Oregon and Bob's son in Florida and Judi goes under the knife in Florida, Bob's sister passes away in Texas.

February - Judi begins the recovery, Bob goes to Venezuela to visit property and takes care of sister's affairs.

March - Recovery from surgery and the passage from Langkawi, Malaysia to Phuket, Thailand.

April - We start a re-fit of Long Passages in Phuket

May - The re-fit progresses with new cabinets in place and the first coat of paint on.

June - The hull gleams with new paint, interior is finished and we start to move things back on board.

July - Judi's sister, Sharon and friend Stephanie come for a visit and we blitz Phuket, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.

August - Final re-assembly of Long Passages and we get ready to go back in the water.

September - Back in the water and our 2d anniversary dinner.

October - The bizarre Phuket Vegetarian Festival (having very little to do with eating habits).

November - Lots of minor projects on the boat and a trip to Singapore for last minute shopping and medical check-up.

December - A trip to wonderful Angkor Wat, in Cambodia and getting ready to move on to the Red Sea.



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