Safety and Security
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Safety and Security

Replace all Main mast rigging

On our trip to the US in early '02, we bought new standing rigging for the main mast, and carried it back in our luggage (much to the chagrin of Air Malaysia).  We took down both masts, checked all fittings, replaced all wire, and put the sticks back up just before we were launched.

Main mast hanging from crane.jpg (15045 bytes)


Reinforced Lifeline Gates

All of our stanchions are stock Shaefer stanchions and bases, with thin reinforcement tubes at the gates.  We had Nop weld 1" reinforcement tubes onto each of the four gates, and now each has 7 heavy bolts securing it to the deck.  This is a much more secure installation for a fraction of the cost of custom gates in the US. 

Lifeline gate new.jpg (13606 bytes)

Assorted Changes:

Extended and strengthened Bow Pulpit - Our yacht had only 1 section of bow pulpit, and the current Shannon design has 2, thus extending it from the bowsprit to the deck.  We had Nop tack on a section, add brackets for new running lights, then move the entire unit to his shop to finish and polish it.  When he re-installed it, it looked like new, and felt much more secure.   Reinforced all stanchion bases

All stanchion bases are now bolted to the deck with 1/4" stainless bolts and heavy backing plates below, the way they should have been from the beginning.


Raised and upgraded Running Lights

When Nop extended the bow pulpit, he added brackets to install new running lights - these are now 5' above the water (instead of 3'), bulbs are bigger and much more visible to other shipping.
A bracket was built for the stern light and this was raised so that is more visible as well.


Strengthened Companionway Hatch  Our yacht had 2 small bronze slides that kept the companionway sliding hatch in place, and occasionally the wood track in which they slid had cracked.  We made the slide 12" so that it was held in place by more of the track and added a handle to help open and close the hatch.



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