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A Peek at Evolution - Apr 1994

We approached Santa Cruz island near daybreak, after  a night of watching dolphins leave phosphorescent trails under our keel.Galapagos.jpg (16418 bytes)  Puerto Ayora is the destination of many cruisers (Wreck bay is the other) on their way to the South Pacific.  A four-day tour on the Galapagos Adventure took us to outlying islands where we swam with sea lions, photographed marine iguanas up-close, and watched newly-hatched turtles struggle to the water before being eaten by frigate birds.  Volcano flows laid down earlier this century were beginning to sprout life, and watching hundred year-old tortoises reminded us of Darwin, who walked where we were. It is an amazing stop-over. Take a look at some what we saw and click on them for a better view:

Galapagos - sea lions necking.jpg (15074 bytes) Galapagos - marine iguana.jpg (13185 bytes) Galapagos - tortoises.jpg (20802 bytes) Galapagos - booby scratching.jpg (16087 bytes)

3000 miles later, we reached the Marquesas in French Polynesia


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