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  1. May 06 (approx)  Published website
  2. 1 Jun 06 (approx) � Called Bill Ramos but he never called back
  3. 2 Jul 06 � Called Interyacht in Annapolis; described situation and talked with Alan Hammerstrong.  Requested that he send us T&Cs and Listing forms.  I gave him our web sites� addresses.
  4. Listed on;
  5. Listed on Google � Paused ad on 1 Mar 07.
  6. Reduced price to $108,000
  7. Listed on on 5 Jan 07;
  8. Listed on BoatTraderOnline on 10 Jan 07, $55 minus 10%; renews automatically every 4 weeks. 
  9. Called David Walters on 19 Jan 07; said he might be interested in an open listing although he mainly handles larger boats; will call next week.
  10. Contacted by Chris and �. ; they visited about 21 Jan and said they really liked the boat but were still looking � they really want a larger boat.
  11. Saw ad by Peter Benziger at West Marine who is looking for a 40-45 cruiser; Peter and Margie came up from Miami on 28 Jan and spent 2 hours looking and asking good questions. They are still looking for a bigger boat.
  12. Contacted by ..Kenyon and then his father Dick and mother Ginny who said they would stop by during the Miami Boat Show (mid Feb) to view boat an son�s behalf.
  13. Contacted by Roy from St Lucia around 24 Jan and said he would like to see the boat on 3 Feb.  He called morning of 3 Feb and came by around noon.  Appeared to be very impressed by boat (said ours was in much better shape than one shown to him by Dave Walters earlier in the day).
  14. 3 February 2007 - Called by Julie  who said she wanted to view boat; scheduled for 1800.  She came and said that she and boyfriend were seeking a cruising yacht; boyfriend wanted 40�+ but she wanted a smaller one.  We showed her around and chatted for 1 � hours.  She liked LP and said she would try to reschedule with boyfriend.  They want it to cruise on East Coast US and then beyond to Europe.  She emailed and said boyfriend still wanted a bigger boat but invited Judi to a workshop.
  15. 9 Feb 07 - Had call from Leslie and Jim in North Carolina � said they were interested and wanted more info.  3.  They knew about Shannon�s since her father had one. 
  16. Had several contacts from brokers � told them to bring buyers and we would work something out.
  17. 10 Feb 07 � Called Leslie in NC and she said that they had booked a flight and would be flying down on Sunday 11 Feb � ETA around 10 AM. They would also have her father drive up from Marathon to help check out the boat since he already has a Shannon 38.  I called a couple of motels and found Motel 6 that had vacancies and would accept a dog.
  18. 10 Feb 07 � Rob Jordan from Jordan yachts stopped by for 45 minutes to look at boat.  Said he would be interested in listing the boat and that he was flexible on terms, although not necessarily on the % commission.
  19. 10 Feb 07 � Bill Parker stopped by for 1 � hours on behalf of friend in Battle Creek, Michigan.  He had cruised in a Rival 38 and had crossed the Pacific in �94 like us.  He asked many pertinent questions, poked around quite a bit and read the survey results. He indicated he thought the boat looked very nice and in good shape.  He is not sure what his friend intends to do with a boat like this but he would pass his observations on to his friend. His yacht�s name had been �Quiet Bird�
  20. 11 Feb 07 � Visited by Leslie Martin and Jim Paxton plus Leslie�s father, David (who owns a Shannon 38 #34, a ketch in Marathon, FL).  They liked the boat, primarily because of their experience with David�s boat.   I drafted up a sales agreement and we agreed to delay putting her in the water until they had her surveyed.  We agreed to meet 0930 on Monday to sign agreement. 
  21. 21 Feb 07 � Bill Slattum conducted a survey of the boat from 0900 to 1700 with a 2 hour break for lunch.  He identified several areas of gelcoat crazing, several areas where deck is moist, a loose bonding wire and a loose engine mount bolt.  He said he believed the boat was in very good shape and would report his findings to Leslie that same evening.
  22. 28 Feb 07 found computer did not have a functioning CD drive
  23. 1 Mar 07 � Settled sale with Leslie Martin; received check f and signed Bill of Sale and Documentation over to her.





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