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The following coordinates are places that we anchored while cruising through the Great Barrier Reef and along the Australian coast from Mooloolaba to Darwin


Anchorage Lat Long Notes
Great Sandy Strait 25�37.84'S 152�58.37'E Garry's anchorage; good spot
Brampton Island 20�39.4'S 149�12'E
Great Palm Island 18�44.8'S 146�34'E lots of small planes
Hinchinbrook Channel 18�28.34'S 146�13.25'E E of Haycock Isl
Cairns Harbour 16�55.12'S 145�47.15'E out of channel
Lizard Island 14�39.6'S 145�27.1'E
Howick Island 14�29.7'S 144�57.7'E view of passing freighters
Flinders Island 14�10.72'S 144�13.72'E lots of trawlers
Horn Island 10�35.5'S 142�14.6'E in Torres Strait
Gove Harbour 12�11.97'S 136�42.5'E
Elizabeth Bay 11�54.4'S 136�34.6'E on Cape Wilberforce
Fannie Bay, Darwin 12�35.5'S 130�49.1'E off Darwin Sailing Club

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