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Virgin Islands
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Windward Islands
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Virgin Islands

Just to the east of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands provide a base for thousands of charter boats and cruisers - busy, crowded and a little run down, they are still fun. The British Virgin Islands are a little more laid back and have a little more snob appeal.

Leeward Islands

The Leewards, a string of sun-drenched islands from St Martin to Guadeloupe  were colonies of England, Holland, and France - they are a mix of colonial cultures with the African influence of the freed slaves. 

Windward Islands

The southernmost islands in this string of pearls, from Dominica to Grenada are more remote, and thus less 'touristy' - locals are easier to meet  - we found the people far friendlier than the busy Northern islands.  They also have some of the best diving in the Caribbean.

For the full story, see Newsletters or Newsletter 4

No  Pictures

Unfortunately we have NO pictures of these beautiful islands because of the loss of our storage locker in the USA.



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