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In 2005, after traveling through Eastern Turkey, we sadly bid goodbye to this fascinating and friendly country and sailed on to the Greek Islands and Italy.  After securing Long Passages in a safe harbor, we continued our land travels through Europe in our motorhome "Land Passages."
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Turkey - Marmaris Marina -

  We brought in 2005 in style at a party with all the cruisers at Marmaris Yacht Marine.  We finally left Marmaris in June, sailed to Datca and checked out of the country for Greece.  Along the way we spent a day out cruising with our friends, Peter and Jeanette, and family on Voyager.

Eastern Turkey Adventure

In May we decided to see where Noah landed the Ark so we traveled to Eastern Turkey.  On the way back, we stopped at Cappadocia, one of our favorite places, and went carpet crazy!



 June, July

  • The Aegean Islands
  • Athens and the Corinth Canal
  • Ionian Islands


 August, September

  • The "sole" of Italy
  • Rome and The Vatican



 September, October, November, December

  • Southern England and the New Forest
  • Friends and Celebrations



Melanoma Skin Cancer
  • (photos somewhat graphic and may be upsetting to some people)

Don't let this to happen to YOU!!!!




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